Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello World!

Well, Durwin and I are back from San Diego Comic Con, and it was a blast. Durwin had a booth with the Iron Fish group (formerly known as Rolling Thunder), and although there was some snafu-ishness with the program listing (listed as "For Mercy" instead of "Formerly", heh), lots of people still stopped by to check out the last issue of BONDS and to see him working hard on BEAUTIFUL SCARS at the booth. It's nice to be working on Cintiqs and laptops, it makes it very portable (as long as you have electricity!) and it seemed to draw people in to see what the heck we were doing.

Archaia had a great presence there, their booth was very impressive and hosted a lot of fantastic people. It was great to meet whom I've been talking to over email for so long face-to-face! I can't wait until next year's con when we'll actually have something to sign over there! Our book has a tentative release date of December, but if things go awry, we'll push it to February (as January is apparently a crap release month). I'm hoping all goes according to plan, though!

Speaking of BEAUTIFUL SCARS, we are going to be posting as we progress on the story. Watch for artwork, sketches, and process pieces as we go along! We'll also keep you all updated on the releases and news of all of our books.

Thanks for reading and embarking on our adventure with us!

-G and D