Monday, December 19, 2011

This Moment's Inspiration: Keeping Cozy

The holidays can be a source of stress. But in the most positive way, this stress can lead to accomplishment. As a studio, we create, print and then send our holiday greetings. Not an easy task with finals, freelance and festivities to contend with. So with this annual task in front of us, finding the right idea is the hardest part (beyond angels, snowmen and reindeer).

We always have more ideas than time. But it's interesting how these cards come into reality. Sometimes, it's a process complete with roughs, refinements, dead ends, back and forths and finally a card. However this time, it was magic.

We always keep Moleskine notebooks lying around for ideas and inspirations. Even though we mostly use them to create and refine story ideas and notes, sometimes they are used to journal both words and pictures.

On a particularly cold and wet Vancouver day, Guin drew this self-portrait for fun:

She's been playing around with patterns and ink lately, and I thought it was perfect for this year's card. Sometimes the best inspiration is the stuff that's effortless... Pain does not have to equal quality!

We un-zen tangled the scarves to make a better foundation and Guin redrew the patterns. As soon as the linework came together, we did simple computer coloring to color both the shapes and lines/patterns. Then we added a zip tone to create some winter time energy. The result of this is simple:

To everyone we know and love, happy holidays and keep cozy in 2012!

Durwin + Guin