Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to School

We made it safe and sound to Vancouver. We're glad to be home, in our apartment with all of our stuff. Immediately upon getting home, the Faculty Show at ECUAD went up, so we made our little corner of illustration.

(Hooray for terrible iphone photos!)

We hung next to Jaime Anderson, who is a visiting artist for this year. She's excellent, check her out!

We wanted to show a cohesive body of work in the show. So, we chose the cover and one interior page of the book. It was hard to choose a page to showcase but we went with one that showed nearly all the characters. It was a little bit of an ordeal to get them printed and framed, we had to do nearly all of it long-distance so the frames would be ready the day after we got into town. Luckily, it all worked out and we hung them in the nick of time.

The final piece is the playset. I don't think I've blogged about it before. We really wanted to do something exciting to promote the book, and I've been experimenting with 3D art a lot as of late. The playset came out of wanting to do something interactive, that people could tell their own stories with after they were done reading ours. We showed it at SDCC and it got a great reaction, especially from the kids. It was right about eye level for a little kid and they would stop their parents to come over and see it. One little girl cried because she couldn't take the princess home. It was so sweet! It seems to be a big hit in the faculty show, too. I saw a student put his own little character in the background and snap a picture. Pretty funny. (This will hopefully be a promo item or sold as a limited edition once we get closer to the book's release date!)

I was really happy that we were able to participate in the show. The students don't get an opportunity to see their professors' work very often, and it's important that they know about our practices. Last year, our work was being moved up here with the rest of our things and it took almost a month to get it, so we weren't able to show. Hopefully we'll have even more of a representation from the illustration faculty next year!

(If you are in the Vancouver area, the show runs until September 19th in the Concourse Gallery.)