Sunday, July 22, 2012

SDCC Scars Stories #1

Hi! We are back from the craziness that is SDCC/Los Angeles, still super jet lagged, but very enthusiastic to keep up the momentum on the book. It was a great con, in part because of everyone that stopped by to share their own beautiful scars with us!

We kept track of the stories people shared. Some were hilarious, some were heart-breaking, some were downright strange. We loved every one, though!

By far, the biggest cause of scars were by motorcycles/bikes/mopeds (20–a good reason to wear a helmets, guys!) followed closely by surgery (17). The weirdest and surprisingly large category was dueling (4). Other contenders were animal bites (15, including dogs, catfish, cats, guinea pigs, a duck and a stingray), knives (7), furniture (6), kitchen appliances (5, including a guy who tried to stop the spinning blades of a blender with his fingers, yipes!), cars/car accidents (5) and the pool (5). We also had entries of swings (5), trees/ladders/heights (5), rollerblading/skateboarding (4), sledding and miscellaneous winter sports (3), summer sports including soccer wrestling and football (3), coat hangers (2), pint glasses (2), cigarettes (2), fences (2) and scissors (2). Fireworks (1), braces (1), letter openers (1), waxy floors (1), a lawnmower (1–more on this later), a light table (1), superglue (1), a shopping cart, and an avocado (1) also rounded out our list.

Some of you were gracious enough to let us share your stories with the world, and here are some great ones:

Kathryn has two matching scars from a dog and a cat, one on each arm, in the same spot. How nice of them to make them so symmetrical!

Maria was ironing one day, and accidentally brushed against the hot iron. Now she has an awesome scar to show for it!

Samantha broke her wrist, and had to have surgery to fix it. Because of the location of the scar, the surgeon wanted to make sure no one would mistake it for a suicide attempt and so made it LIGHTNING BOLT shaped. Coolest surgeon ever. Seriously, check that thing out! Lightning! On her wrist!

Everyone seemed excited to share their stories (even if they were rewarded with a free button!). And the coolest thing was that almost everyone had a story to share. Only a few people didn't have any scars at all (or at least ones you could see). We heard amazing stories of survival, people whose scars meant that they are still here, alive and kicking. Thank you to everyone that stopped by and told us their story.

Speaking of which, we have more stories from our beautiful visitors, so check back later in the week for more! (We're going to be sharing how we got some of our own choice scars, too.) Also, if you want to show off *your* beautiful scar, email us a photo and a short description of how you got it. We'll post it on the blog!

Friday, July 13, 2012

SDCC 2012!

Hey everyone! If you're at San Diego Comic Con, come on out and visit us in Artist's Alley. We're right in front of the G Lobby doors.

We have buttons to give away if you tell us about YOUR beautiful scar! We have quite a list going. So far, bikes/motorcycles are definitely the biggest scar creators. Come share yours and wear your button with pride!