Saturday, October 15, 2011

This Moment's Inspiration: Nature

We love nature. From sea to mountains, we try to take in as much outdoor fun as we can. In the past three months, we trudged through Boone NC, Nashville IN, Santa Monica CA, and Whistler BC. Inspiration fuels the long hours at the desk. And I think that the sunny days, beach spray and mountain snow somehow shows up in our worlds!

This is a little park in Indianapolis that we love to get back to whenever we can. It's a special place to both of us, and is an unexpected find right off a very busy road. It's the perfect place to skip some stones. I remember finishing my very last exam in college and driving directly here to celebrate a little by myself.

Speaking of Indiana, one of our favorite places ever is Yellow Wood Forest, which is near Nashville, IN. It's very close to Brown County State Park, but free and much less crowded. It's just as beautiful, we think. This time we did a trail that went straight up the side of a very steep hill that was pretty intense, especially for flatland such as Indiana. Still beautiful!
We were able to take a few days in California after SDCC this year and got to spend the day at Santa Monica Pier. Durwin is definitely a mountain guy but I love to spend the day listening to the crashing waves and laying in the sun. Unfortunately, my lobster-red legs did not love it so much. Still, I can't get over the novelty of the ocean.

Maybe the most epic trip we've had (at least for me!) was our trip to Whistler. It was one of the more spectacular things I have seen. It was very inspirational and certainly wonderful to get some snow and sun! It won't be our last trip, I can tell you that.

Do you find inspiration from nature? If you post your natural inspiration, leave a link in the comments. What inspires you?