Monday, October 12, 2009

Page 4 - Notice a pattern here?

Or two, or three...on the walls, on the aprons...

I love vintage patterns, linens, prints, aprons... I think I stressed out more over the pattern for grandma's apron than I did over any of the characters' designs. It's important to keep the appropriate tone of the time period for our characters, so a lot of research went into making sure the patterns and furnishings are believable. I found this great vintage 50s apron (which I absolutely covet) and used the pattern for grandma. Mom got a little more fun design with a random geometric pattern. I love that wallpaper, taken from a 1940s print. I figured that the grandparents would probably be slower to update their trends. The little touches like the cuckoo clock and china cabinet just make it feel more lived-in to me. I want to go there and make cookies.

The willow tree in the garden is probably my favorite tree to date. The ivy was a lot of fun to create, more playing around with patterning and layering of custom brushes in photoshop.

I love how we get to see Maddie's playfulness and curiosity begin to come out in this page as well. Outside with you, girlie!

Now, I have the strange hankering to go tie on an apron and put my hands in flour. Side effects of comics? Hmm.

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