Monday, November 23, 2009

Page 10 - Halfway and then some!

Wow! I was so looking forward to reporting our halfway mark, and now it's a spot in our rearview mirror. We're pretty far ahead, so hopefully we can stop working long enough to catch the blog up to where we are.

You might remember the top panel from this post, but here is the completed page. I love seeing the two panels side by side. It's a pretty darn good-looking page, if I say so myself. I love the close-up of the princess, especially with that dramatic far-away scene.

I don't have so much to say right now. It's been a lot of working over here, and my brain is a little fried. Last week was spent in Pasadena, with the Hartford Art School, and I got some great inspiration, especially with a visit to the Disney Archives. Original Eyvind Earle and Mary Blair pieces, right in front of me! So amazing. How could you not want to come back and work, honestly?

My dear counterpart just finished the quarter for the holiday break, so we're having some quality dual working time lately, and I'm taking advantage of it while I can! We'll be updating soon, though, so stay on the lookout!


  1. I love how the textures pull everything together. You're right about the juxtaposition, too; it looks really magical.

    I really like the detail in the architecture up top. Those cross-bars on the posts are really interesting. Do you know what they were for back then?

    Also, I hope the sheep makes a cameo in later panels. She's fantastic.

  2. I really like the palette you are using!
    Beautiful. Hello to your tall counterpart!
    It was nice to see you all in Pasadena.

  3. James, the sheep must return. You know me and sheep.
    Lori Ann, it was lovely to see you again! Thanks, the palette is a weird conglomeration of my very loud color sense and Durwin's more subtle sensibilities. I like it, too.