Thursday, January 7, 2010

Page 12 - New Year Resolutions

Welcome to the new year. The break has been eventful... travel through North Carolina (Hi Scott, Dave, Janet), travel through Indiana for Christmas, back to Savannah for the New Year (and new school year). Moreover, back to the grindstone.

It's always an interesting balancing act with things you have to do and things you want to do in life. Beautiful Scars is a thing we HAVE to do in life, and so welcome to the first page of 2010. And the theme of this page is Old Acquaintances (Happy New Year, all!)

Storywise, Ridley meets up with his mischievous chums by the Old Oak Tree. There is only one road leading into town, and these friends are going to be waiting for a new discovery that will be heading down the road. In the B story, the Princess recognizes the Old Woodsman and his apprentice. Obviously there is a lot of love here.

We use a graphic device to help separate the stories and in this page, I feel it really comes through... The black field separates the B story (bottom) from the A story (top). Until next time!

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