Monday, January 18, 2010

Page 13 - The Game is Afoot!

A Story–Tier 1: Ridley is cajoled by his mates to climb the infamous oak.
B Story–Tier 2: The Princess and the Old Woodsman trade stories. The Young Woodsman stands back.

As visual storytellers, Guin and I are trying to set up idyllic scenes in two different worlds on the same page. In Ridley's world, the colours are pastel and the sun is out. In the Princess' world, we play with warmer colours with the figures, but cooler colors in the forest.

As writers, this page is designed to mark the warmth and safety in both worlds. On the top tier, the kids are being kids–they feel indestructible (a common concept among kids). On the bottom tier, our players are obviously close. On the entire page, no one has a care in the world. Until the next page, that is.

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