Monday, August 8, 2011

Expanations and Weddings (Part 1)

So, I said I would explain why we've been neglecting our poor corner of the internet for so long, and I shall! This year has been a crazy one. In fact, just this summer alone, we have traveled to 8 different cities in just over 2 months! I don't think we've stopped moving, prepping, or making huge life-changing steps once since this time last year.

The thing that was the most wonderful and probably the most time-sucking (yes, that includes my last year of grad school!) was our wedding. We got married in October, shortly after our huge move and starting new jobs. The experts (experts of...what?) say that you should only do one huge life-changing thing in a year, but we thought we'd take care of oh, FOUR of them in a few short months. No biggie.

So, I'm going to go through our huge, out-of-state, extremely fun and art-filled wedding in a series of blog posts. If you are exhausted by all things wedding, I promise we will get back to our regularly scheduled (well, sort of regular) programming afterward.

Our first large hurdle was to set a date. We picked 10.10.10 because, well, obviously it is the best possible date. Ever. We had no idea what life had in store for us when we picked it the winter before, but hey, who ever does? The second was to, of course, start drawing.

We're both illustrators, so there is no way we could pass up an opportunity to illustrate and design our own wedding invitations, save the dates, and anything else we could stick a drawing to. We're very much alike, we work together on most projects anyway, and we love the same things, so it should have been the easiest part, right? Well, we did butt heads over many elements, but considering what kind of pressure we were under (to pack up our whole lives and start them somewhere else!) I am shocked we didn't rip each others faces off. And I take it as an excellent sign that we didn't!

The first project we undertook was the save the dates. We mailed them out about 6 months before the wedding. Our nicknames for each other are monkey and panda (yup, this series is going to be full of gag-inducing cuteness, but it's a WEDDING SERIES so it's to be expected) and so we went with that as a loose theme. Here's the front:

Durwin had a much-beloved scooter in Savannah, and it was far too dinky for both of us to really ride it at once, so we got to do it on here instead! Like we usually do, it was a collaborative effort. The printed postcards had rounded corners and lots of info on the back. I definitely loved going to people's houses and seeing it up on their refrigerators. It set up the whole wedding as a fun party because really, it was not going to be a stodgy affair with us!

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