Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Expanations and Weddings (Part 3)

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Fast forwarding to the actual weekend of the wedding!

The Friday before the wedding, we had our rehearsal and dinner. It was a little silly.

(The whole party, including our wonderful cat herder, I mean planner.)

We had the dinner at a great deli across from the theater that has sadly closed down since then. It was a great place to have it, casual and funky, not too expensive and accommodating to our large group. Man, I wish they were still around! It was a great low-key way to start off the weekend in earnest with our friends.

Saturday, my girls and I went to get our nails done. It was a welcome treat. I chose blue (for my something blue!).

(Clockwise from upper left: Joy Katkic, me, Janet Guertin, Katie Grantham,
TJ Rutherford, and Chava Light)

It was unexpectedly hot, reaching 90 degrees the day of the wedding. I had no flip flops, so I ended up buying the same silver shoes as Joy at the mall so I didn't ruin my pedicure. And it was a good thing, because the next day, my wonderful wedding shoes were too tight and so I ended up wearing the impulse silver sandals for the wedding!

(My toes matched Katie's!)

Saturday night, we started out with a dinner at Buca Di Beppo's (great for huge groups like ours) and then we went duckpin bowling at the restored 1950s alley in the basement of the theater (that theater has TWO duckpin alleys!).

Hot color combo! Drool.

There may have been moustaches. For the ladies.

(Pink ones!)

They may have all ended up on Durwin's head in a moustache mohawk.

(Yeah they did.)

After the bowling, the dudes and ladies split up and went our separate ways. We went back to my mom's house and I was surprised by my wonderful bridesmaid Janet with Team Guin t-shirts!

They each have the girl's color made of yarn and knitting needles, and
they say "Team Guin." She is so very talented and sweet!

My mom and TJ made a tower of cupcakes with this fantastic skeleton bride and groom on the top. So badass.


They threw me a surprise lingerie shower. I was definitely surprised, it was so unexpected, but really wonderful! We chatted and laughed for a while, and then I went to fold the escort cards and try to get some sleep before the big day.

(Oh, the men played board games and charades. Because they are secretly 12 years old. Nothing that couldn't have a photo on the internet, but I don't have any!)

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